Charter Services

SAA has fleet of three aircraft which are available for charter purpose throughout the Pakistan where there are CAA established Airstrips.
Aircraft No of Pilots No of Pessengers
CESSNA-150 1 1
CESSNA-172 1 3
Luggage 5.00 Kgs, each passenger, Cargo depending on distance, Cessna-172 can carry 220 kgs with no passenger on board. Our Product Line includes follwing four types of services:

1. For NON-ATS routes, we need 2 days advance notice for Pakistani residents, and 15 days Notice for NON-Pakistani residents having approval from PCAA.
2. All flying charges to be paid in advance either in cash or Bank draft in the name of Soth Asian Airways (Pvt) Ltd.
3. The client will be responsible for boarding, lodging and transport of the crew.
4. All flights will be subject to clear weather, and aircraft service ability.
5. 10% additional amount will be charged for providing services on holidays.
6. One hour stop will be free of charge.